Durable expressions of wisdom

WBW argues that the goal of life is wisdom, but I am not so sure. The sacred texts of knowledge feel more important – and also fundamentally different – than the individual accumulation.

I’d suggest that expressions of wisdom are the goals of life. Expressions of wisdom as acts of kindness, inventions, postulates, and theorems. The more durable, the better it is (a nod to the Lindy Effect). Children seem to be an opportunity to pass on your legacy. We would both agree that human stupidity is the enemy though.

I also disagree about with the author about the purpose of emotion. Although it is not good to be ruled by emotion, I would argue it is a long developed (and therefore durable) form of wisdom. The reasons we are happy, sad, and so on are complex; but I’d think evolutionarily valuable. Cooperation and motivation come to mind. Not to suggest that all emotion or emotion-led behavior is unilaterally “good”, but more to suggest that it holds a surprisingly amount of hard-earned wisdom.

Anyway, just thinking out loud. His thoughts about uncertainty and a force/equation omniscience that rules us all resonate deeply.



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