Great mindfulness tricks from Tim Ferris

I am not as big a fan of Tim Ferris as other people, but there are some great “to do” activities in this podcast and it was excellent.

  1. 21 days of no complaints – Wear a bracelet on your wrist. Switch it if you gossip or complain.
  2. Jar of awesome – Put a post it note in a jar whenever something awesome happens.
  3. Poverty week – Wear very simple clothes and eat rice & beans for a week. (Probably need to expand on this)
  4. Guided meditation with Headspace
  5. 5 minute journal …
    1. In the AM “Today I am grateful for…”  with categories being: a] relationship that helped you, b] opportunity you have today, c] something great that happened yesterday, d] something simple near you (e.g. a cloud)
    2. At night do “Three amazing things that happened today” and Today would have been better if…”
  6. Thank one person per day. Track someone down each day and thank them.
  7. Ten deep breaths in a row.

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