Employee Manifesto

Each employee is to contribute to the success of the organization.

North Star

This success is not surgically defined, but broadly defined as better than yesterday. More is not better. Less is not better. Better is better.


The idea of a boss as foreman is dated. The bosses we have will more model the journeyman apprentice relationship.

Go to your boss when you are stuck. Go to your boss when you need support. Your boss must care for you and know how to coach you. You must respect your boss on merit and character (i.e. not because you have to since they are your boss)

To encourage this dynamic, you will interview with many members of the team. Once you have an offer, you will put in your preferences of who your boss will be. The same will happen on the other side. A matching will be done based on fit.

Individual empowerment


Accomplishments and feedback are critical for a sense of pride and progress in your work. Also it helps make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Every two weeks you are expected to show your accomplishments to your boss.


Fake work or make work is the ultimate killer of pride and motivation. For identifying areas of fake work with your boss you will get rewarded with days off. For fixing one of these items, compensation.

To combat the social pressure of looking look you are working hard and rewarding a culture of consultanty stress busy appearances, you must:

  • Put changes into production every two weeks
  • Write your release notes
  • Show estimated impact to your business line and estimated time to appearance


Each employee will be give 15,000/n of discretionary funds to be used to make their job better, where N is the number of employees without budget authority.

It can be used to buy plants, or software, or cake; but must be used at work. Employees are encouraged to combine funds for important purchases.

Cultural nuances


If heathy diet and exercise were prescription drugs, we would recommend that you take them.

Food in the cafeteria will be priced and made available to encourage a healthy diet. Mostly this means that foods that are obviously bad for you will be made more expensive.

The funds raised by this method will subsidize fitness stipends and healthy food options.


Meetings are a poor way to share information. They are a good way to debate, discuss, and decide.

Meetings will either be twenty minutes or two hours in length.

All two hour meetings must have a five page doc attached and will be made publicly visible throughout the company. The SCQA communication technique is strongly encouraged for your doc. Situation, Complication, Question, Answer.


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