Lenin: The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror

  • Was a revolutionary in the sense that we have forgetten in today’s time. Always on the run from the state. Living in different houses and underground. Left the country.
  • Was an outright terrorist with some of his ends justify the means approach
  • In some ways he was the same as Trump – a mean and nasty debator who would win with ad hominem arguments
  • In some ways he was the same as AOC – thought the capitalist was the root of all issues. Need to redistribute.
  • He was likely right about many ideas, but also was a complete maniac.
  • Never had kids. Something that lots of these “extraordinary” people seem to follow
  • Was insanely strategic. Part of what made him so good was that he really picked his spots. New his life was on the line.
  • Was from a noble family! Scorned by the state because he brother was hung as a treasonist and then became further radicalized.

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