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Prices are discovered, you don’t just pick them. Where do you start? HIGH.

What do you suppose will satisfy the soul except to walk free and own no superiors

Remember this: “Everyday of my life is mine to use as I see fit.”

“If you’re bored than you’re boring” – Harvey Danger

Water that is too pure has no fish — @ZenProverbs

The trick is to be bored with a specific book, rather than the act of reading. Avoidance of boredom is the only worthy mode of action. — @nntaleb

Perfect results count – not perfect process. Break the rules. Fight the law. — Rob Strasser

A bubble starts when debt growth rate > income growth rate. Then equity markets extend the bubble (herding). Then reality sets in. h/t @RayDalio

The question of whether rapid credit/ debt growth is a good or bad thing hinges on (a) what that credit produces and (b) how/if the debt is repaid — @RayDalio

Gather lots of experience while it is cheap. Explore many things. The costs get higher as you get older.

Donald Trump is proof that determination is a better indicator of success than intelligence. H/t https://youtu.be/4WO5kJChg3w

Procreational sex has taught me that anything, ANYTHING, that everything is more fun without external pressures and motivations.

Sick care is reactive, time intensive and expensive. Healthcare can be the opposite.

Early scripts of The Matrix had all the humans networked as CPUs for the machines, not batteries. Think about that as you enter your next CAPTCHA, or Google search, etc.

Jokes and sarcasm are a corporately acceptable way to test someone’s intelligence. and disposition.

If you X, I am willing to Y – a good framework for getting to yes with someone OR saying no to a greedy request. h/t @tferris

Whenever you make a purchase or choice, ask yourself “Am I doing this remove a negative from my life?” If not… seriously reconsider #vianegativa @nntaleb

Satire is both angry and optimistic. It believes that once people’s attention to drawn to some evil, they will mend their ways.

Life is not a mountain climb. There is no summit. It is a swim. If you stop, anytime, you’ll begin to sink.

What you most resist, you need the most.

You have to fan the sparks, but be careful not to blow them out.

Impatience with actions. Patience with results – @naval

When someone calls you “smart”, it is not a compliment (ever). True amazement and admiration is felt, not heard.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek – Joseph Campbell

Destruction is just one creative burst. Creation also a burst, but then sustained energies. Social media tends to lean toward destructive behaviors rather than positive ones. It is good at inciting; bad at sustaining. h/t @ericrweinstein

Life is short, opportunities are few, you only have so much energy to spend… when in doubt, the answer is usually no.

Whatever you think your company problem is… you really have a winning problem. – @pmarca

Wherever you are, be there totally

It is what people do to hide their weaknesses that makes them repugnant, not the weaknesses themselves. — @nntaleb

Greatness starts with the replacement of hate with polite disdain. Focus on your ambitions, not the trappings of others.

Charm lies in the unsaid, unwritten, and undisplayed. It takes mastery to do less.

When people apologize, they do it so they can repeat their offense.