Titles Only

We need a Manhattan project for carbon capture and sequestration

The bigger the castle the bigger the cannons

“Whiskey’s for drinking. Water’s for fighting.”

Pick ten goals. Then three. Then one to dedicate a year to. Only work on that one for ten weeks.

“When a company gets political it is because there is not enough profit motive”

A good test for rules/policy: Any rule you pass can be handed over to your worst enemy. If you’re still ok with that… the policy is probably good.

Money doesn’t solve all your problems… it solves all your money problems

your daily goal should be to tire yourself in as many dimensions as possible.

You have to move thru it

Any company, once big enough, becomes a religion

Tough decision? Write down your choice, don’t tell anyone, when you wake up see if you are excited to share the news of your choice

The present is the only thing of which a man can be deprived

Take breaks from focused work; not from distractions

Put more thought into your leisure time

Always say less than necessary

Only appeal to people’s self interest, never to pity or sympathy

Find a way to make it interesting

Aimless rebellion is effectively the same as obedience

You will do things to avoid a pain more than to get a benefit

If it’s not a hell yes it’s a no

You are the average of the five people most commonly around you

Grooming = making yourself look good for others= you rely on others (vs individual capability)

What would this look like if it were easy/smooth sailing?

How much of your day is spent trying to get away from your life?

Religion = Natural phenomina that Science can’t explain and “why other people do stuff”

A modest proposal (repost)

Overbearing mothers are the household analogy of bad government

We compete as groups and as individuals. Ethics stem from group level fitness

Sacrifice lower for higher. Same level = battle.

Use a fireball ¬†of sincerity to navigate yourself and others to a horizon of your choosing

Flood the market for change

School actually makes you worse at learning something because it is a crutch