All societies have some things (universals) but other societies only have some things (non-universals)


In general the tings on the right are where societal progress is made…. the left is where you can make money in business if you amplify (Facebook, Telephone, News).

An interesting remark: News does not present new concepts – only new instances of things. Another war, another fire, another thing of a something you conceptually understand.


How to lucid dream…

Step 1: Spend the rest of the day reading about lucid dreaming

Step 2: Do lots of reality checks
A reality check is where you test whether you’re awake or asleep. You should perform reality checks about 10 times a day.  Finger through your palm REALLY expect it to go through, and ONLY when it doesn’t go through, say to yourself ‘Oh, I must be awake’

Step 3: Turn of all screens an hour before bed

Step 4: Set an alarm
Whatever time you would normally wake up, set your alarm about 2 hours before that. If you normally wake up at 9, set the alarm for 7. Choose an alarm that is going to wake you up but isn’t too loud.

Step 5: Wake up with your eyes closed

Start by imagining a circle. Now start playing around with it, make it bigger, change the colour, and make it start to move.


True wealth is subtractive… no meals alone, frequent laughs, muscle strength

True wealth consists in worriless sleeping, clear conscience, reciprocal gratitude, absence of envy, good appetite, muscle strength, physical energy, frequent laughs, no meals alone, no gym class, some physical labor (or hobby), good bowel movements, no meeting rooms, and periodic surprises, then it is largely subtractive (elimination of iatrogenics).