The goal of this document is to create a guided path of discovery. This approach to self-eduction relies on the following key assumptions.

  1. The purpose of this curriculum is not schooling. It is to instill agency and a sense of discovery. These are not taught. They are unfolded through personal agency.
  2. Intelligence is not singular. There are many intelligences, each with their own value.
  3. You learn better to solve a problem than to chase a curiosity. You learn better when chasing a curiosity than to avoid failure. Paper tests are not the desired approach to learning, but a last resort. Immersive problems are what (an interesting) life is literally comprised of and solutions to them could be described as “wisdom”. The goal of this method is to grant you experience and wisdom; not rote understanding.

An incomplete/WIP ist of the many intelligences:


Key outcomes

  • Knowing how to count
  • Understanding purchases as investments vs liabilities
  • Appreciating compound growth/exponential growth
  • Appreciating that money is a means, not an ends
  • Using money to create happiness and reduce toil
  • Get paid to learn it > Get paid to do it > Learn it for free > Pay to be taught


  • Choose to save rather than to spend
  • Make first investment
  • Own investment property/asset


  • Follow Bank of Dad
  • Have a cash register
  • Have child be very involved in how much they get for an allowance. Ask them what they think they should make and petition for a raise.
  • Sell unwanteds on eBay
  • Purchase a stock
  • Calculate current savings rate and x25 rule


Key outcomes

  • Understands that the sun is the source of all energy on Earth
  • Enjoys nature


  • Wants to be outside
  • Wants to play in the rain
  • Eats something that they nurtured


TODO: Organize by Season

  • Spend an hour outside each day in the shade/sun
  • Play in the rain
  • Get galoshes and stomp in a creek
  • Play with worms, bugs, plants, creeks, mud, etc.
  • Start a worm farm
  • Make a bird feeder out of old milk carton
  • Watch caterpillar transform into butterfly
  • Learn to take care of chickens
  • Learn to avoid poison ivy
  • Go camping
  • Learn to tie different knots
  • Learn how to start and put out a fire
  • Visit a kid-friendly farm
  • Pick and press flowers
  • Pick your own fruit/vegetables
  • Grow an herb garden
  • Grow a vegetable garden


Computer Science

Basic Arithmetic (TBD) – 10 blocks
Tipping Math (TBD)
Geometery Puzzles

Gravity Map video
Thinking Physics Puzzles

Creating your own deodorant and soap with lye
Potato Battery
Extract fat from a Dorito (acetone)
Measure calories in popcorn
Hydrophobic Sand (scotchguard)
Exploding Hydrogen Bubbles
Turn egg into bouncy egg

DNA, Evolution, Natural Selection, etc.
Understanding space
Throwing a mouse from a skyscraper
Impact of selective breeding on fruits and vegetables
Fruit Fly Refrigeration
Why are bees hairy?
What do your cut swell?
Bacteria, Viruses, Phages
Emergence in life systems

Harvesting Black Hole energy

Planning/Pattern Recognition
Rubiks Cube
Peg Hop Game

Monty Hall probability question
Time-dependent probability vs time-independent probability (100 gamblers vs 100 gambling days).

Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing
Reinforced Sand Structures / Tensile Strength and Strain Lines
Play-doh fun factory
Lincoln Logs
Egg Drop Challenge
Make a catapult and predict how far it would go
Rockets, Liquid Rockets
Make a coil gun

Robotics and Programming
Lego Mindstorms
Polargraph Drawing Machine
Crypto Zombies


Learning other languages

History and Culture
Bill Wurtz – History of the World I guess
History of Japan
History of Mankind
History of Innovation and Stagnation

College Alternatives
Testing only degrees


Visit Belgium
Visit Middle East
Visit Impoverished Area


One-three significant event for each year you’ve been alive
Life calendar with 90 weeks
Understanding humour

Know What Truly Inspiring People Do
Wim Hof (iceman)
Lars Anderson (archery)
Ray Allen
David Goggins
People who love what they do
You and your research talk
Visit different tradespeople to share the value of artistry and craftsmanship

Michael Handel – Morality of Murder
Sophie’s Choice (book)
Non-libertarian FAQ


Brazilian Jui Juitsu
Barbell Training
Driving a car
Riding a bike


Drumming –
Harmonica –
Strumming – Ukelele Play Along App