Deeply help beliefs

Respond to things rather than react to them. Laugh when you are offended. Use your higher functions and trust your intuitions, but also improve them through reflection.

Be exceptional or be a favorite. You can only accomplish things by accomplishing exceptional or by having other people like you as a person. You often need a mix of both.

Know and admit what you don’t know. Uncertainty is everywhere. If you don’t know where your knowledge of something ends, then you don’t have sufficient knowledge of it. Test this by putting “skin in the game” when you make predictions.

Pursue variety in the absence of certainty. When you aren’t sure, allow for a few different options.

You must act, and act responsibly. Do not bury yourself in books. Knowing the truth is not enough, you must act. You cannot drift down the river of life and expect to arrive at a destination you desire. Acting without thinking is a way to live an unfulfilled life. Do not let perfection be the enemy of good, but do figure out what “good” is.

More is not better. Less is not better. Better is better.

Speak in the simplest terms possible. Big words can become bloated. In general, people and ideas don’t fit nicely into “isms” and categories. Trying to fit them is a form of laziness. In general, people can only hold one idea in their mind, so try to focus on one item at a time also (the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing).

Even your heroes are not perfect. As a child you see your parents as perfect. Then you learn they are human (or maybe think they are more wrong than right) and you find idols. Then you learn that your idols are equally flawed. Your heroes are not amazing at everything, they are much more likely to be amazing at one thing. Admire qualities of your heroes, but not their entirety.

Sail on the wind. Sometimes the wind isn’t there because it isn’t the right time. Sometimes the wind isn’t there because you are in the wrong spot altogether. But it is very clear when you are sailing with the wind in something. Said differently – “be a natural” at what you are “a natural” at.

Choose your sacrifice. Actively pick what you will forego. If you don’t actively choose – it will happen to you anyway. Understand that after your sacrifice you may have more options and alternatives, but no matter what there will be sacrifice.