Figuring out what to do?

What was your favorite teacher, coach, mentor?

  • Why? Likely because they challenged you to push yourself.
  • Overall, you want something that offers an opportunity that “fills your sails” and offers a hard challenge. 

Narrow vs Wide.

  • Do you prefer work come to you a specific problems or as open-ended?
  • Do you have attention to detail or big picture? How you dress and shave. Read sentence for typos.

What kind of shit do you like to shovel?

  • Guess you are when no one is watching
  • Other people motivated you or problems or what?
  • And things are cashed in. Need to find the right definition of those things.
  • Physical labor or a desk job?
  • Not all jobs are desirable. Who wants to be on call?
    • Need to have the motivators outweigh the detractors

Two kinds of problems

  • Should you power through or finesse through?
  • You need to do both no matter what. Key is learning when to apply which technique.