How to Lucid Dream

Step 1: Spend the rest of the day reading about lucid dreaming
This will keep it top of mind and help you lucid dream

Step 2: Do lots of reality checks
A reality check is where you test whether you’re awake or asleep. You should perform reality checks about 10 times a day.  Finger through your palm REALLY expect it to go through, and ONLY when it doesn’t go through, say to yourself ‘Oh, I must be awake’

Step 3: Turn of all screens an hour before bed

Step 4: Set an alarm
Whatever time you would normally wake up, set your alarm about 2 hours before that. If you normally wake up at 9, set the alarm for 7. Choose an alarm that is going to wake you up but isn’t too loud.

Step 5: Wake up with your eyes closed
Start by imagining a circle. Now start playing around with it, make it bigger, change the colour, and make it start to move.