What is it?

  • Lack of cognitive decline
  • preservation of muscle mass
  • preservation of mobility
  • freedom from pain

How to get it?

Eating. Sleeping. Hormones. Avoid accidents. Avoid common causes of disease. Preserve relationships.

If you live long enough, you will likely die from one of these three: Heart disease. Cancer. Alzheimer’s.

AUTOPHAGY. Fasting works. Cyclic fasting.

Take 16 hours off of eating. 16/8 18/6

  • Take 16 hours off of eating. 16/8 18/6
  • 5/25 – 750, 500×4, 2000×25
  • Caloric restriction seems to work better when diet is crappy

HORMONES Drugs that seem to work

  • Rappomeisen
  • Metformin

STRUCTURE. Preserve muscle mass by lifting weights. Strengthen bones by lifting weights. Also this helps with disposing of glucose.

WELL BEING: focus on removing, not on adding to improve. remove remove.