What is needed in a company


People would definitely pay for that if it existed.

Even better if people think it is financially impossible to do it. Less competitors

Have a first customer before starting.


Have a marketing gimmick. Hold up a hundred dollar bill. Jump in the mattress without spilling wine. We are visual animals. It is our primary sense.

Have a catch audio. Foreman Milllls. Snap crackle pop. 588-2300 empire.

Have and own a color. Have and own a shape/texture. Purple mattress. Coke is red. Money is green, don’t pick that.

Vision Capital People

Make a commitment on its principles. Here are our values. This is what we mean when we say that word. This is our commitment to show you we mean it.

Pretend you are hiring the dream team. This will help shape the identity of what you need to be excellent.


The deeper the harrows the more storied the Entrepreneur. Make it easy to win. Small wins out of the gate.

Speed is motivation. Motivation is necessary.

All in or all out