Creating lasting manifestations of knowledge is the goal of life.

“What are you if you are only for yourself?”

The pursuit of knowledge, as an end in itself, is inherently selfish. Having more knowledge does not make you a better, kinder person. Expressing that knowledge does or said differently – it is good and just to combat ignorance. Therefore the self-interested pursuit of knowledge is not an justifiable end goal for your life.

The creation and distribution of knowledge is a true goal. The expression of that knowledge made real through action, not just thought or just word.

What is “just thought or just word”? It is not enough to shout your hard-earned truths in the city square. You must change the minds of others by conversing with them. This is what it means to making a lasting manifestation. It endures outside of you.

An idea will not inherently exist on its own. A book has some durability, but only if it is preserved. Does the text at the bottom of the landfill count? NO! Of course not. If it is at the bottom and never to be seen again is has been relegated to an idea. Turned to dust and absorbed in the either. But if it were to be one copy of many… that may be worthwhile.

Why must knowledge be manifest?

Because you are not just your flesh and bones – doomed to become dust. In your bodily future, the is certain nothingness. But from your life, you can contribute and become a part of something. Your role is to make that something better.

You must be effective in this very simple sense of the word — “a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.” Short of creating a result or consequence; you should have just watched another cat video, or read the New York Times, or Shakespeare, or masturbated, or built a chair out of used soda cans. You must create, you must effect, you must improve.

The longer what you manifest lasts, the more it can effect. The more impactful what you manifest is, the more it can effect.

You must be efficacious and you must be humane.

  • Constructionist
  • Effecationism
  • Manifest
  • Creationist
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