Launchpads & Commanding Attention

It is easy to see people who are successful now and think they always were that way. But it is hard to crack in. There are a few ways to command attention when you are starting and need to launch.

While you should never sacrifice who you truly are to be liked by others, it is worth nothing that there are places where you could perhaps put 5% more energy in your own life and get a big boost. That is the goal of this post.

To be clear, you have to work hard.  There is no shortcut. You have to put in hard crazy work. But also if you aren’t thinking about some of these things, you are probably leaving something on the table so to speak.

In no particular order:

  • Be affluent
  • Be caring
  • Be attractive
  • Be entertaining
  • Be extraordinary
  • Be original


I still think the be way to excel at launching your personal brand these things is to combine a few of them. But to be clear, almost all of these people are unusual in some way and most likely VERY hard working. They have cut their own path. Being original is a pre-requisite in some ways. Either you compete so hard eventually you become few among many who tried or you cut your own path… For example…

  1. Naval Ravikant = affluent (wealthy from company) –> original (writing @ venture hacks) –> extraordinary (2x startup success)
  2. Tim Ferris = extraordinary (pseudo-hacked @ less competitive spaces like kettlebell championship) –> original (idea for book) –> entertaining hack
  3. David Goggins = extraordinary (navy seal & more) –> entertaining
  4. Scott Adams = original (Dilbert) –> affluent (Dilbert) –> attractive (girlfriends) original (Twitter)
  5. Preethi Kasireddy = extraordinary (quit Goldman Sachs, learn to code in 100d) + attractive –> entertaining/attractive
  6. Devon Zeugel = extraordinary (Stanford + Stripe/Bloom) + original (collector of ideas)
  7. Salim Mitha = extraordinary (Stanford) –> affluent (sold company)
  8. Jessie Itzler = caring (bartered favors and wrote 2000 letters) –> affluent (sold companies) –> entertaining (books)
  9. Joe Rogan = [good example of several simultaneous things] = extraordinary (national TKD) + entertaining (comedy) –> entertaining (actor) –> entertaining (Fear Factor) –> affluent, extraordinary, caring, entertaining
  10. Eric Weinstein – extraordinary (Harvard) –> Affluent (trading?) –> Affluent(worked w/Peter Theil) –> Original (started speaking/podcasting)

** these people may all be caring, I just don’t know them well enough



Pictures of cars, shoes, girls, etc. InvestFourMore does a good job of  this and has a collection of cars. Graham Stephan also does this (cars, watches).

How much? Hard to say exactly on this one. But so much that you are known for having nice stuff. Donald Trump has nice stuff.

How to hack it. Create a back story + buy convincing fakes (and importantly stop buying real stuff). A lambo body kit on a regular car. Cubic zirconia jewelry. Rent jewelry.

A system(s) for getting there

  • Buy fixer-uppper houses, fix them, and sell them/refinance them.
  • Investing in “showy” rich people assets is one way to both have it and get it (cheaply). For example, you can’t do this with wine.  Graham Stephan “invests” in luxury cars (math seems off to me). I suppose you can do this with watches and other jewelry though.

Borrow it. You can work on a private jet or private yacht and document your lifestyle and do very well. Had a friend of a friend do this as a PJ stewardess. Also some guy with a YouTube channel of a yacht that does very well.



The shitty way to say this would be “provide value”.  Jessie Itzler hand wrote letters to his top 50 list to keep in touch. You need to find your top N and apply 1+ of the five love languages for each of them. Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch

How much. It depends on person to person; but this is a hand-to-hand combat strategy. Basically if people think of you / say “if you ever need anything” (and they mean it), you are there.

A quick hack.  Have a list of the people you want to see/keep in touch with. Whenever you think of someone; reach out and send the message you are thinking.

A system for getting there:

  • Pick you top “X” list. For each of those people, every 90 days do one of the following….
  • WoA = Write letters.
  • AoS = Solve a problem for these people.
  • Gifts = Send trinkets they might like when you stumble on them.
  • Quality Time = Plan trips & invite them.
  • Touch = Hug these people when you see them.

Borrow it. This one can’t be borrowed.  Maybe have a life partner who helps you be better about this though.



Very hard to do at top 1%, but easier to do to be top 25% and much much easier to do w/an online persona (take you best pictures, etc). Some examples: Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Jude Law,

How much? Although it is hard to know “am I hot?” it is much easier to see what you desire in other ppl and emulate it. For example, as a man you know what a fit guy looks like (certain arm tone, abs). Just copy that. It is your stereotypical shirtless guy.

A quick hack(s).

  • Take lots of favorable pictures. You don’t have to a be a 10, but you want pictures that show your best side. YouTube
  • Girls stand a certain way to look small waisted and big chested.
  • Get a tan. Fix your teeth.
  • Plastic surgery (yikes, but true).

A system for getting there in 100 days.

  • Isolate key area of focus and work them.
  • Fasting/keto for body fat % for abs.
  • Squats to burn calories

How to borrow it. You can also borrow beauty from other people if you have them around you (as a male, for certain). Basically have hot girls around. A price for everything though.


This is sort of the male equivalent to beauty (IMO). While beauty works a bit better because it is so visual, you can do the same with physical comedy. Some notable examples of this are: Almost every male Vine/Tiktok star, Gallagher/Carrot Top,

How much. You’ll know it when people can’t help but laugh.

How to hack it. Read reddit’s r/jokes and share funny jokes (not as your own). This will also train you to start looking for funny jokes/patterns in you everyday life.

A system to get there in 100 days.

  • I don’t have a good answer for this one. You have to go out to places where people want to laugh and try it out on the stage. Fish where the fish are. Comedy clubs, r/jokes, try to be funny in groups.
  • In short, try it out on people. The more in person, the better.
  • In 1000 days, you can do this well I would guess.

Borrow it. Not clear to me how you borrow the funny yourself, but you can have funny/spontaneous people around you and life in general will get more funny and spontaneous.


Genuinely doing something impressive is a good way to get people’s eyebrows raised. The challenge here is that you can enter a tournament where it is increasingly hard to get better. So the best advice here is knowing yourself and your goals and understanding what good enough looks like for this + sailing on your own wind (don’t do this for other people).

How much: Be a Navy Seal, black belt in XYZ, play on the national team. Be “uncommon”.

A system for getting there in 100 days.

  • No short cuts for this one. Know your prize, pay the price.
  • Again, this is an incredibly hard path so picking something you want to “be a monk at” is the best bet.
  • However, after 100 days of consistent practice (100 days surfing, 100 days skiing, etc); you will good at this.
  • What I will say is that some fields are more competitive than others. Being a pro soccer player in the US is undoubtedly easier than being a pro soccer play in the EU.

Borrow it (getting there in 10 days). Basically you invite other “awesome” people to come speak at your event.  Once you have enough inside, the gravity well should fire up and you have a night club effect takeover where the outside want in. This is how Summit Series did it.


Examples: Alexander Cortez writing ideas for the “man”. Scott Adams having unconventional ideas. This is also how Tim Ferris broke in. Dave Perrell also did it somehow, not clear really how. Stratechery also.

How to hack it. Plagiarize. The most politically acceptable way to do that is to “remix” things. Find things from past writings and put a modern take on them. Credit the old for inspiration but claim your take.

A system for getting there in 100 days

  • Write one page every day.
  • Create a backlog of your own ideas. These should be in the most convincing manner possible. Ideally in both video and in writing.
  • Then go out and challenge people on social media where you feel like they are wrong and you have a strong writing to support.
  • Be sure you bio links out to where your writings are.

Borrow it (getting there in 10 days). You can become a great accumulator of ideas. This is what 25iq did. He didn’t even really go deep into the unknown, but rather tried to collect the 25 best ideas from other people. Important to note that he accumulated them and organized them AROUND those other people. I.e. if you search for Warren Buffet ideas you could find them summarized (vs 25 best investing ideas).




Affluent – We buy 1 house/year below market and fix it up. Also track our savings rate pretty hard. I’d rather not use this mechanism as an outward method for privacy reasons.

Caring – Build my list. Then write on letter each Sunday. Visit grandparents 1x every 2 months (3rd weekend of the month?)

Attractive – Learn to be photogenic. Get a good headshot on all social media. Squats and deadlifts. Flies and biceps on my days off.

Entertaining – Hard to have a good system, but something of a playful mindset. Reading r/jokes has been good. I will subscribe to a joke of the day. That’s what I’ll do.

Extraordinary – need think hard about this one. Want to break free of the daily grind in 5 years –> solve climate problems + black belt in BJJ + do my bucket list

Be original – working to accumulate solid idea from ppl, then repackage them. Eventually will write my own book for my daughter.