Lessons from McRoberts

Main thing: Don’t try to make other people happy. Start with your interests and work from there. Give yourself buffer for things to go wrong (money and time). If you feel like you are being lackadaisical about it — you are.

When we moved from McRoberts it was a headache. We had to finish up Cooke. We were moving Joy. We moved in Amanda earlier than expected. Scott was involved. Ryan was involved. The platter was too full.

  1. Paint takes a long time. It is cheap and easy, but time consuming.
  2. Go top to bottom on the house. Don’t offer the floors to a contractor. The money is too easy/fast for them.
  3. You will always be the GC anyway. Skip a GC and get the specialists for each trade.
  4. Have materials prepped and laid out in place before the workers show up. That is your job and sets the tone.
  5. If you can’t eat in there — it isn’t done in there. Test everything.
  6. Spending the extra $2000 in holding costs is worth the marital stress.
  7. Get granite from a slab shop and don’t do custom order stuff… too much lead time.
  8. Always change all the shutoffs.
  9. Get a quality person to help you. You aren’t detail minded enough. Need to hire out of this weakness.
  10. Kitchens really aren’t that hard. Sinks are a PITA. Dishwashers are a PITA.
  11. Bathrooms are expensive.
  12. Give yourself time to “live” in the unit for 2-3d.
  13. There are no small jobs. Every job is 3 jobs.