Meaningful Work

Energy Generation
  • Renewable Deployment in Solar (abatement!)
  • Renewable Deployment in Wind (abatement!)
  • Small Nuclear (the world warms +2C if we were to power it 100% by nuke)
  • Negawatt generation (diminishing returns)
  • Of people
  • Of goods
  • Of electricity
  • Of food
  • Of water
  • Of animals
  • Better methods to construct critical structures (concrete, roads, steel)
  • Destruction – better than dynamite
  • Chemical
  • Gravitational
  • Kinetic (Thermal, Translational, Rotational)
  • Information structuring (save the best, kill the rest)
  • Information discovery (practice into theory rather than vice-versa)
Atmospheric Radiative Forcing
  • Water vapor
  • Carbon dioxide and methane
  • Sulfates or other options
Human Capability Expansion
  • Mind (Bandwidth, recall, filtering, processing)
  • Body (Digestive, pulmonary, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, others … e.g. sense of time)
12 Noble Projects
  1. Enhance bandwidth of human brain processing
  2. Increased electricity infrastructure to increase competitiveness of generators
  3. Small nuclear development
  4. H20 vapor harvesting (for both water and -RF)
  5. Cause less rain to fall over the ocean
  6. Wavelength relfection
  7. Any kind of competitive energy storage
  8. VR to limit people travel
  9. Waste to input for construction
  10. Support brain enhancements
  11. Attack brain and nervous disease
  12. Carbon sequestration or expulsion