Advice on wealth creation…

  • BE OK WITH IT. It is possible to ethically create wealth; if you don’t believe this in your heart/soul you’ll never push the 100% needed to achieve it.
  • MAKE STUFF FOR OTHERS. Ignore status games; they are all zero sum. Instead focus on giving society something it wants.
  • OWN AN ASSET. You must own a % of something. You cannot rent out your time. If you do not make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.
  • COMPOUND INTEREST. Play iterative games. Pick good partners (intelligence, energy, integrity). Avoid cynics.
  • BUILD + SELL. You must build. You must sell. You must do both.
  • The overall recipe is to have specific knowledge, accountability, and leverage.
  • DISCOVER Specific knowledge is what feels like play to you; but looks like work to others. It cannot be taught in schools. It is taught in apprenticeships.
  • BE PUBLIC Accountability involves taking risks with your own name (be public).
  • GET LEVERED Leverage is capital, labor, or low cost replication/distribution. Code and media are some of the best forms of leverage.
  • READ + DO Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.
  • Be to busy to do coffee; but keep an uncluttered calendar.
  • WORK HARD. Work as hard as you can. Try to become the best in the world at “what you do”
  • What you work on and who you work with are more important, but still work as hard as you can.

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