What are my politics?

Personal guideline:  What choices will create the best future for my daughter?


We should all agree that we…

  • Want a country that allows for health Care for everyone
  • Want a country that allows for personal freedoms
  • Want a country that protects us from violence
  • Want a country whose poor have options to escape poverty
  • Want clean skies and water


  • Budget: 1% surplus every year. Phase out Government pensions into 401k. Social security into default opt in for employees to 10%.
  • Why? We need enough $ to make desperate investments/actions in event of an emergency.
  • Limit federal activity to… National security, national infrastructure, air quality regulation, make it easier to move State to state
  • National security: Stop war spending = stop offensive use of force
  • Healthcare: Encourage states to pool up on healthcare. Allow for experiments.
  • Innovation/Climate change: Create bounty system for urgent needs. Keep patent system
  • Energy: Build HVDC interstate transmission. Redeploy troops around this goal. Tax discretionary energy use (step up tax on flights and cruises).
  • Banking regulation: not smart enough but we need balkanization
  • Criminal Justice reform: bounty for reduced recidivism
  • Everything else: states issue

Traits of a good candidate

  • People will follow them. Unites.
  • Attracts and retains top talent
  • Uses heuristics and supplements with data