Relative Energy Use

Mostly informed and inspired by Without Hot Air by David Mackay

All of these are approximately equal (averaging out to ~40kw/day)

  • One flight taken per year.
  • Using electricity in 1.3 average households/day
  • Driving 30 miles each day
  • Eating 10 Cheeseburgers/day
  • Eating 35 Chicken patties/day
  • Charging 100 iPhones/day
  • Running 200 LED lightbulbs for 24 hours/day


Some quick tips….

  • Fly WAY less.
  • Electrify everything you can (86 natural gas and coal).
  • Remove beef from your diet (and cheese); but milk is OK (? not sure why).
  • Remember that 71% of carbon emissions come from 100 companies (oil, coal, gas)