Science of Understanding

Ladder of Abstraction

  • Math – helps us understand all worlds (universal language)
  • Physics – interactions between the building blocks of forces
    • nucleic force (strong force)
    • electricity
    • radiation
    • gravity
  • Chemistry – physics of the building blocks of our world (atoms)
  • Biology – chemistry of the life structures of our world (cells)
  • Neurology – study of cognition in biological creatures
  • Social Sciences – implications of cognition (Sociology/Economics/Psychology)


Tenants of Math



Tenants of Physics

  1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed (mass too!)
    • There is no “out” or “away” … everything goes somewhere. 
  2. This move from order to disorder
    • Without additional energy. This go from complex to simple. Breakdown. Lose energy.
  3. As the temperature approaches absolute zero, a system approaches stasis
    • At zero energy, things die a cold death


Tenants of Chemistry

  1. Everything either dissolves in water or in fat, like dissolves like.
  2. Energy is stored in bonds and can be released by hitting certain energy thresholds


Tenants of Biology 

  1. Proton gradients power everything
  2. All life is cell-based
  3. Life evolves through natural selection (randomness)
  4. Genetic information is encoded in DNA


Tenants of Neurology

  1. We visually process things in gaussian layers
  2. We only have so much bandwidth in our brain, just like a computer wire


Tenants of Social Sciences

  1. These systems are too complex and unpredictable for forecasts