Raising one kid isn’t that hard. You need a partner though

Natural selection filters on disease resistance, physical strength, and impulse control. Drug overdoses and heart disease are a result of natural selection trying to manage population fitness. There is no escaping, no end to natural selection.

Most people think they are helping by giving any recommendation. It is their best guess/attempt to help, but anyone who recommends something they haven’t used before is to be avoided like the plague

People don’t believe the world is black-and-white and don’t think about it that way, but it is actually more useful to view it that way – regardless of rightness.

People think that Axe only made trash products for boys who couldn’t get laid but they made one of the best loofahs ever.

Most people think rich people have it all figured out. But really it just takes one thing to go very right to make you rich. Important to not think that just because you got one thing to go right you are smart at anything else. Doesn’t translate that way- just rhymes.

Most people think that remote work will lead to disengaged employees. It will force managers to be clear/specific about their asks and direction. It will force employees to “show it” rather than “tell it”. It will rebuild local communities around things people do care about (kids, community, local politics) instead of common income stream.

we are all want essentially the same things. The main driver of disagreement is horizon differences and tolerances

Most people believe you should tell the truth, but you should never say the direct truth. Only indirect truths or humorous adjacents. Never directly say no.

Maybe coronavirus will rebalance our population with those who follow scientific health advice (vs ppl openly kissing religious shrines)

Does it matter who the president is? We are driving 60mph at a debt wall, who cares if we step on the accelerator when the brake lines appear to be cut?

Most people think think trees and plants grow from nutrients in the soil, but they grow from air. The nutrients are electrolytes. The carbon is from the air. The sun is actually a powerplant that powers plant-life to perform carbon capture and sequestration.

When you burn wood, you are releasing stored sunlight from a log.