AntiFragile, Nassim Taleb – Provocative insights on risk, our inability to understand complex systems, and how to live a happy life knowing these things…

The power of HabitCharles Duhigg – Insights on how to pragmatically improve your life by developing good habits.

War of Art, Steven Pressfield- Derek Sivers has good notes. but overall – know when you are succumbing to “resistance” and fight it every day

Political Animals, Christopher Hitchens – A great read that questions how humans treat animals

Believe me, It’s Torture, Christopher Hitchens – An exploration into waterboarding and then some deeper questions into necessary evils. The title of the article is not the takeaway.

A Guide to the Good Life, William B. Irvine – Less self-helpy than the title suggests. This book is about the principles of Stoic philosophy and practical applications for living a better life. Largely influenced by Seneca’s teachings.

(to read) Cicero, M. Aurelius, Epictetus, Lucian, or the poets: Juvenal, Horace, the later French so-called “moralists” (La Rochefoucault, Vaugenargues, La Bruyere, Chamfort). Bossuet is a class on his own. Montaigne and Erasmus.


Intelligence Squared – Oxford style debates about politics, culture, and science. US is better than UK in my opinion.

On the media – Powerful podcast about how the media is effected by current events going on. Sort of a meta analysis of the current media coverage.

Conversations with Bill Kristol – somewhat unorthodox Republican perspectives on ongoing issues. A little think-tanky.

Energy Transition Show – Best discussion about energy technology, policy, and science I’ve found. Little short on the business side at times. Chris Nelder works for RMI so there is a clear pro-renewable lean in the show.


Captain Fantastic – An interesting narrative about strengths/weaknesses created by  intelligences/ignorances in life: nature, nutrition, exercise, art, history, philosophy, romance, and culture.

Crash – A sweeping narrative about how our lives intersect. While our daily shortcomings are horrible, there is great hope for us still.

Fight Club– A screaming protest against the comforts of modern society and an exploration into happiness.

Garden State (Film, 2004) – An exposè on the average, with a dabble of existentialism and the sense of what it means to find a home in life.

The Green Mile – A beautiful commentary on morality, capital punishment, and life.

Good Will Hunting – Intelligence, adversity, belonging and so on.

How the Universe Works – Mike Rowe narrates how space “works”. Gives a lot of context to us on Earth and how cosmically small we are.

La La Land – A truly unique film about ambition, art, love, and regret

Rick and Morty – A satirical, crude exploration into the absurdity and insignificance of daily life. Like South Park, but better in my opinion.

Stated Clearly – Science videos that explain evolution and so on. Very accessible, very informative

Soul (2020) – A beautiful and playful story about the small moments and big moments in life.


Instant Pot – Use it for everything. So good.

Tello – $12/mo cellphone service

Electric Toothbrush – So worth it. Oral B + knockoff replacement heads. Spend ~$30.

Toilet Sprayer Attachment – For diapers and for you! The seats are supposed to be great too though.

Blender + Frozen Spinach –

Deep Freezer – You can feeze milk…

Ikea FRIHETEN Trundle Sofa – Sofa should always +have storage in it! Buy it used. ~$200

Gliding Chair – For kids, works great. Buy it used <$80

Locking Top Tupperware

Ripcurl T-shirts – They fit me well.

Macbook Pro 2012 – Keyboard is perfect.