Visit to DE

Have that strange feeling that this has happened before.

Should I say something or no? Say to M? Directly to B feels more correct. What to say?

DELDOT writes in. Need Feedback to improve.

What is needed to be happy? How can we enjoy a meal together?

Unkind to Uncle Steve. Dint care the circumstances really. Lost his wife x days ago. Wawa talk isn’t constructive. Mean spirited.

Clearly is overworked or overwhelmed. Unenjoyable. Can’t taste food because the atmosphere is so sour. Laughter. Joy. Holiday spirit. Kindness and love.

Makes me sad because I wonder what I can do. Or wonder if we should stop coming at all. This conversation is me saying I’m hopeful.

Minimal feedback needed. Just al need a snap out of it. A sideways pull not a counter punch. Was good to acknowledge that on some way I might be complicit in the situation even though I didn’t think we were really.

Was very pleasant once the conversation was had. Still felt a little uncomfortable. Bob was looking to me for temperature.

Kathy felt like we stayed one day too long. I just wonder if we’ll need to have that conversation again. This feeling is just so familiar at this point.