Words that aren’t (english) words yet by

Bigoteer – Someone who suggests that taking a position opposite theirs would make you a biggot (h/t Tim Ferris)

Enchilado – “Spiced out” aka you had too much spicy food and you can’t eat anymore. Literal definition is something cooked w/chili (Spanish)

Gharar – symmetry in both information and uncertainty (Arabic)

Kummerspeck – Excess weight gained from emotional overeating. Literally, “grief bacon” (German)

Layogenic – someone who looks good from far away, but up close not so much (Tagalog)

Overmorrow – Day after tomorrow [anteayer = day before yesterday]

Sa bum – literally, “one who leads by example” this is the Korean term for sensei.

Schadenfreude – taking pleasure in someone else’s troubles. derived from harm joy. (German)

Sitzpinkler – “A man who sit’s to pee” aka a wuss. (German)

Tafelen – To stay at the table at a restaurant and talk after eating a meal. Literally, “to table” (Flemish)

Tartle – That panicky hesitation just before you have to introduce someone whose name you can’t quite remember. (I had a tartle. Pardon my tartle.)

Troubleshat – When tried to troubleshoot something and it just didn’t go right

Vedriti – To take shelter from the rain and wait for it to finish so you can go on your way. (Slovene)

Wabi-sabi – The acceptance of transience or imperfection as better than perfect (Japanese)

Wu Wei – Knowing when effort is appropriate and when it’s wasted. Literally “non-forcing” (Chinese)

Technê – knowledge applied practically rather than theoretically or aesthetically (Ancient Greek)